Back in the Saddle

After a 60-day hiatus — more or less, Five to Nine Design is working her way back to the workshop.  (Whoa, check out the alliteration in that sentence!  Say it a couple of times; don’t you feel a little like Elmer Fudd right now?)

I’m starting a new line of sterling silver jewelry and really, I can’t wait.  A number of significant distractions have stood between me and my creativity in recent months, but I can never stay away for long.  Supplies are on their way, tools have been gathered, and new designs are floating around and bumping up against each other in my head.  Stay tuned, please.

I currently have online shops at both and  1000 Markets is a prettier site but behind the scene problems have caused me to think about closing up shop there.  Right now I have several clearance items in both shops, so take a look if you like.  Links can be found on the right.

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