Decisions, decisions….

I have a show scheduled this Saturday that I was really looking forward to… but now I’m not so sure.  I confess, I’m a little gun-shy since the last couple of shows I did were a bust. The economy is killing us all.  Damn.

The thing is, this show is in a much better area, an area where people understand and appreciate the value of handmade.  At the same time, the show fee is high — a whopping 100 bucks.  Granted, you have to spend money to make money, but at that price, if I don’t sell at least 5 – 6 pairs, that money is gone.  And if sell ONLY 5-6 pairs, I break even, so what was the point?

These days I have to make a special, definitive, concentrated effort every day not to sink under the weight of worry and living in near-poverty.  Some days, I live on cigarettes and fear — not because I don’t have money for food, mind you — but because I don’t have the energy to cook it.  But I digress.

When I’m getting ready for a show, I spend the whole day prior making myself crazy. I change my displays a million times looking for just the right setup.  Earrings on cards, or hanging from hooks?  How big will my table be?  Should I bring the large boards or the baskets?  Which suitcase should I use?   I’m a last-minute Suzie (don’t know where that expression came from, but it fits).  No matter how much preparation I do ahead of time, the morning of the show I’m dashing around like a madwoman, looking for just the right thing to wear, fixing my hair, making sure I didn’t forget anything, and rethinking the setup I thought I’d perfected the night before.

But once I get to the show, I’m golden.  Took me years to get over crippling shyness but you’d never know it to see me out there.  I smile and say a bright, “Hi!  How are you?” to everyone who stops by my table.  If people look and touch but don’t buy, I smile.  When people take business cards that I know they will toss the minute they get home, I smile.  If I haven’t sold a thing when the day ends, I smile.  I smile, I smile, I smile.   Oddly enough, I rarely get bummed out if I don’t sell because I’ve learned long ago that it’s all a crap shoot. Sometimes you knock it out of the park and sometimes you don’t and there’s almost no way of telling what kind of day you’re going to have.

The thing is, I have to watch my money very, very carefully now.  I’m not sure of the wisdom of spending $100 and a day away from a fledgling writing career that includes guaranteed money. Granted, at this point, it’s not much money but it’s more money than I’m getting from my crafting…. which kind of breaks my heart.  But I recognize that we live in a time when food, clothing, shelter, and school clothes are a priority; jewelry is not.

Soooo… I think writing all of this down has helped me to make up my mind.  I’m skipping this one.  Just can’t spend the cash on a ‘maybe’.  The holidays are coming and there will be other shows, hopefully with smaller entry fees.

Someday I’m going to put on my own show.   I’ve got some good ideas but no cash to get started right now and not enough focus.  But soon.  If there are any other crafters out there thinking along the same lines, give me a holler.   Two heads are supposedly better than one, right?

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A Lesson Learned

I love selling at craft shows.  In fact, I love selling almost anywhere but since it’s been a long time between shows, I’d forgotten something very important:   some people do not understand or appreciate the value of handmade.   In this economy, show fees can add up so it’s best to pick and choose very carefully.  Having had a very disappointing show experience today, I think it’s best to write this down so that I don’t make this mistake again.   Sigh.

Oh well… onward and upward, right?

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Sneak Preview

SilverPoint Earrings

Visited a bead store in NYC and fell head over heels in love.  Spent WAY too much money and will probably spend WAY too much the next time I go.

Still need to make stuff, wait for some stuff in the mail, and photograph stuff before I’m ready to update my site and sign up for shows but all will be done shortly.

I’m finding my way back to my place of joy. Yay! \(^O^)/

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As a kid growing up on New York’s Lower East Side, I practically lived in Greenwich Village.  The area I lived in is now known as “the East Village” for no reason I understand but to most of the residents, it’s still known as the Lower East Side.  Take that, real estate developers. In any case, I’m slightly on the younger side of the Baby Boomer generation, so I liked to think of myself as a pseudo-hippie.  I went braless, wore a teeny weeny Afro and bought most of my jewelry at little shops that sold mostly sterling silver jewelry.  I especially loved sterling silver rings with turquoise stones.  They were just so hip and cool and they made me feel very bohemian and ‘in with the in crowd’…. which I wasn’t, really.  A little too young to go to Woodstock; too afraid of my mother to be very rebellious (although I was the first of the five kids to leave home); so painfully shy, I had very few friends, and although some of them did every drug under the sun, I stuck firmly to pot smoking.  I didn’t much care for alcohol at the time, and I used to go around telling people, “Pot is so much better!  It’s a much cleaner high.”   Yeah, I know.  But I was young at the time.   Had my last joint 33 years ago, a couple of years before I had my daughter and I was done. The thrill was gone.   So much for being cool.

But I still think turquoise is cool.  And I still wear it occasionally although I prefer the look of antiqued brass now over sterling silver.   Since I’ve been making jewelry, I’ve also discovered gemstones that look like turquoise.  Everything on this page happens to be genuine turquoise but honestly, when it comes to what I make and wear, I don’t care.  I respect the purists out there who will only buy ‘real’ turquoise or who have a thing for jewelry crafted by native Americans, etc., but to me, it ain’t that serious.  Jewelry is about self-expression to me, and that’s it, that’s all.  No  snobbery here, please. (^_^)

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