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Some time last year, I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress… and now I’ve decided to move back.  Find me at:

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Just Sold!

A few weeks ago, the Universe shifted….and I got three sales in one week.   That hasn’t happened in YEARS and needless to say, I was thrilled.

Don’t know where everyone’s been hiding since then, but hopefully now that the weather is getting a tad warmer they’ll be back looking for something to match their spring wardrobes.

The buyers got a huge break on these.  I had put these in the CLEARANCE section and meant to move them back… but I never got around to it.  I forgot to change the price so they went for 50% less than the normal price.  Argh for me…. great for the buyers.

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Just Sold!

Brass peace sign earrings

Peace Sign Earrings

These just sold and I gotta tell ya — I’m almost sorry  they did.  I love these earrings; they are just so… me.  I’ve always had a thing for peace signs (yep, I’m a baby boomer) so when I got these great peace sign charms from a terrific supplier known as Brass Bouquet, I fell in love.

I have another pair available in the shop that feature dark green beads instead of the red ones shown here.  And I just ordered six more pairs of the brass peace signs to make more earrings.  I might fiddle around with one or two to see how they’d look paired with some other charms or beads on a bracelet or necklace.   Either way, this time around, I’m keeping a pair of these earrings for myself.

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Can Hardly Wait Until Fall…!

So tired of summer heat!  I can’t wait until the first fall breeze.   The upcoming change of seasons has helped inspire me to start a new ethnic/African American line and I seriously love how it’s developing.  Hope you do as well.